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About Mondo World


Mondo World is all about the fun and excitement of collecting vintage toys, weird stuff and mind bending memorabilia. Star Wars vintage toys are my specialty. I also deal in Batman, Pee Wee Herman, Star Trek and Simpsons toys.

If you have a specific collecting need, please let me know. If I don't have it in stock, I may know someone who does.

If you have concerns about dealing with me, please click on the ebay logo below. I have over 800+ positive feedback transactions on ebay.

Mondo World Collectible Toys - Robbie the Robot
Mondo World Collectible Toys - Batman-Logo
Mondo World  star-trek
Mondo World Collectible Toys - Lost In Space Robot
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Mondo World  Star-Wars-Logo-gold
Mondo World Simpsons logo
Mondo World Collectible Toys - c3po-r2d2
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Sarasota, Florida
Mondo World Collectible Toys - Yoda from Star Wars

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